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The Compass Rose secret bra pocket wallet is a favorite travel accessory when it comes to protecting your valuables against theft. We asked TFG readers share why they love it, and this is what they told us!


Best Secret Bra Stash



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The Compass Rose RFID wallet is a must-have travel accessory that TFG readers love. It’s a no-fuss item that tags along on almost every travel fashionista’s trip to help keep their emergency cash and card stash safe without inconveniencing them. (PLUS, it’s a Travel Fashion Girl product!)

This secret wallet has made its way to Barcelona and through Europe; beat the lines at Disney World; made cross-country trips all over America; and has even visited our neighbors to the north in Canada.


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Compass Rose RFID Secret Bra Wallet


Compass Rose Hidden Bra Wallet Specs


Brand and Style: Compass Rose Secret Bra Wallet

Price: $14.99

Fabric: Designed with soft bra materials for added comfort

Features: RFID blocking technology

Sizing: Fits bra cup sizes A to DD+,  3.5 x 4.5 inches with a 4 inch strap

Colors and styles: Black

Weather: All types

Travel Type: All travel



Readers’ Favorite Compass Rose Bra Money Pouch Features




Compass Rose RFID Secret Bra Wallet


RFID Blocking and Anti-Theft Tool


The secret travel wallet’s main purpose is to bring you peace of mind while you’re traveling—and TFG readers confirm that’s the case! When describing it, we commonly hear phrases like “life changer”, “must-have travel product,” and “love it.” 

It helps TFG readers stash their valuables with discreet, hidden protection, but keeps them close enough that you always know where they are. One TFG reader says, “There are a lot of different ways to securely wear it. It’s the perfect size for cash and a card or two.”


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Theft of all kinds can happen in many situations or places, and readers say they are thankful that RFID blocking technology is built into the Compass Rose bra walletthe only one of its kind in the market right now

One reader recounts her experience, “I had my credit card info stolen once via scanner in a busy big chain hotel in Orange County California—how do I know it was a scanner? The card was in my suitcase the whole time as a backup! Now I take simple steps whenever I travel to ensure extra security. This money pouch is perfect, small, discreet, easy—perfect to keep a little emergency backup cash/card because you never know!”


Readers say they rely on the secret bra wallet as an anti-theft measure.





Versatile – Multiple Ways to Wear It


The Compass Rose money bra pocket stash design allows you to carry your cards and other travel must-haves in a variety of ways and readers confirm these methods to hide the wallet works:


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1. Hide It in a Bra


Readers report wearing it in these ways. You can attach it to your bra strap in between the bust area or under your arm. The bra wallet can be worn over or under your bra. Wearing it under your bra provides extra protection. 

One reader shares, “I’ve been using mine with my 38DD bra. Find it works best attached to my bra strap and tucked into a bra or the side of my bra.”





2. Hide It in Underwear


Readers confirm that the bra wallet is not just for bras! You can attach it to underwear styles with a high leg design by fastening the strap vertically over the narrowest area. Another way is to tuck the bra stash onto the side of your hip within the interior of your underwear for a secure fit.

A reader says that they “clip to the side of my underpants and it’s inside my pants—it’s easier to access and keep all my cards inside.”





3.  Hide It in Clothes


TFGs also slide the bra wallet inside clothes. They say the best way is to fasten the strap around a belt loop then hide it under your trousers or inside your pocket discreetly. One reader will “hook it to a belt loop and then slip the wallet part inside the waistband of my pants.”

However you decide to wear it, make sure that you don’t shop out of it! Another reader comments that it’s a “dead give away to reach down your shirt or your pants to pay for something!” Instead, they recommend that you “carry just enough cash for the day in your crossbody, or whatever day bag.”







Security and convenience aren’t the only things the Compass Rose secret bra pouch has got going for it, it’s also comfortable to wear—whether you’re on a weekend trip or you’re spending a month wandering the streets of Europe.

Made from the same material that bras are, readers describe the bra secret stash wallet as “super soft.” Users also mention how nice it is to have found a travel bra wallet that fits bra cup sizes A to DD+ with bra band widths up to 4 inches, so a variety of women can wear it.

A reader explains, “I wore mine for 25 days in Europe. After hooking it to my bra, I flipped it up inside my bra from the bottom. It was comfortable that way.” Another says, “I tested it out on the side, with the strap and also between my boobs. I did not mind it in any of the places, it was comfy enough!”


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The Compass Rose travel bra wallet not only provides security but also makes the overall travel experience easier. TFG readers use it as a backup wallet to bring their extra cards and cash for emergencies without having to bring a purse.

One TFG reader shares, “I wore mine looped around my belt loop and in my pocket all over Disney World. It was perfect. I didn’t have to worry about where my stuff was and I didn’t have to carry a bunch of stuff with me into the parks.” The convenience is what it’s all about (not to mention that peace of mind!).


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Can You Take the Compass Rose Bra Wallet Through Airport Security?


When taking the bra purse through airport security we recommend that you avoid wearing any unnecessary items when going through the scanner, including a secret pocket bra. Instead, store yours in a convenient location so you can easily access it upon arrival at your destination airport.

Once you withdraw local currency from an ATM or money exchange at the airport, you can walk to the bathroom and discreetly distribute your money and cards before exiting.

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Watch this video to get a full brief on the Compass Rose Secret Bra Wallet!


Video: Compass Rose RFID Secret Bra Wallet Overview 


We did a handy video to cover this popular reader anti-theft solution, and even threw in some tips on avoiding pickpockets and organizing your cash and cards!




Compass Rose RFID Secret Bra Wallet


Where to Buy Compass Rose Bra Money Pouch


You can get the Compass Rose bra wallet on Amazon. If you love this handy secret wallet, you might also want to take a peek at the Compass Rose slim packing cubes we have available!



What is your Compass Rose secret bra wallet review? Share your experience below!


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